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La' Akea started Lindy Hop in November of 2002. She dabbled in Argentine Tango, bellydance and salsa but Lindy is still her dance of choice! A native of Seattle, she works at the University of Washington as a research scientist. She spends her free time riding dressage (a form of English riding for the non-horsey people) or racing a Subaru WRX in rallycross, autocross and the occasional track day.
Jodie has been dancing since she was four. She discovered lindy hop in college and it has been her dance of choice ever since. Originally from Chicago, Jodie moved to Seattle in 2001 to attend graduate school at UW. She is currently working on her PhD in Pathobiology, specifically researching bacterial infectious disease (yes, that means she plays with bacteria all day).
Ben An elusive creature, the wild Ben, or Carnivorous Omnipotus, lives in the pacific northwest. The wild Ben is a simple creature much like a Elk. scavenging on mostly Bald Eagles and Spotted owls, the Ben maintains a shimmering coat which it grooms meticulously. The Ben is often seen dancing at house parties and small venues. If you ever see this elusive creature, approach it quietly, mirror its pose and language and make yourself familiar with the beast before attempting to dance with it, unless it is inebriated, in which case, give it whiskey. The Ben's favorite activities include running with Elk and Moose, gallivanting with Bears, playing chess with wolves and never being wrong.
Michelle loves to Dance! She has been swing dancing for 4 years, and blues dancing for 3 years. She also loves to host blues parties, sometimes with live bands, and sometimes with amazing World renowned DJ's. She has also dabbled in Blues DJ'ing, and is also known as DJ Tease. She is a social butterfly, and thourougly enjoys her time with her fellow ECS team mates :) You can often find her at her favorite Swing/Blues Venues, or at her parties/other blues parties. You will recognize her, by the giant cuddle puddle that she is participating in, or by the pancakes that she is making the next morning, or by her DJ'ing. Be warned-she loves to give hugs! She is also tired of talking in third person-See all of you on the dance floor :)
Brian has been swing dancing since April Fool’s Day of 1998 while a student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Originally from Simi Valley, California, he moved to Seattle in 1999 and now lives in Seattle, working for Microsoft. Most of his friends know him as Fozzy, a nickname earned by his corny sense of humor. Aside from dancing, Brian likes to write and perform sketch comedy, play Volleyball, build robots, and is currently doing research to see how many hours of sleep are really necessary to survive.
Chandra has been dancing sense Kisa brought her to Century in the summer of 06. Lindy opened her eyes to her love for dance. Shortly after her first few social dances she became somewhat obsessed (dancing 5 nights a week for about a year). She also became a big fan of blues dancing after attending Emerald City Blues in the summer of 07. Currently working full time and in school full time she is pursuing an AA in general studies then hopes to transfer and get a BA in interior design.
Lydia has been swing dancing since the fall of '98, and hasn't been able to stop. She started in Olympia, added Tacoma dancing when it became available, and has loved being a part of the Seattle scene since she moved here for school in the fall of '04. This is her first year with Emerald City Swing, and she loves it! When Lydia's not dancing, she's singing (music major, go figure), or interior/exterior painting, which is her current vocational aspiration (and passion). Her favorite things are chocolate and seeing people smile.
Emerald City Swing focuses on Lindy Hop, a dance developed in Harlem during the 1930s and 40s. Lindy Hop is a form of swing that has proliferated in the Seattle area over the past ten years. Emerald City Swing also explores many other forms of dance such as Shag, Balboa, LA Style (Hollywood Style), Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Tango and Salsa drawing on the expertise of its various members.